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iPhone 4, deliveries for new orders still slip

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On the day when AT&T blocks pre-orders for the new iPhone 4 after having exhausted all the quantity available at launch and Apple claims to have had 600 thousand reservations in less than a day, the shipping dates for new orders continue to slip. At the time of writing, in fact, American customers who decide to reserve an iPhone on the Apple Store (assuming they are not faced with a system error) would have the opportunity to have it shipped on July 14th.

Apple has also suspended pre-orders at Apple Store stores. Now trying to visit the page where it was possible to book the telephones to be collected in the shop, you are sent back to the list of points of sale. A message invites you to go to your reference shop on the morning of June 24 and wait for the opening (anticipated) set for seven. Cupertino, like AT&T, has evidently destined a certain quantity of iPhone 4 for its stores to be sold on the basis of the "first one that arrives the best, he accommodates himself"

The move to the middle of next month, almost a month from today, for sending the device represents a significant leap forward compared to the dates scheduled yesterday evening when the shipment was scheduled for July 2 on the American and British stores. Confirming that the orders are very high all over the world, even the French store that until this morning still had the delivery on June 24th, now shows the shipping date on July 2nd.

In Germany, where there is no pre-order and where iPhone is not sold (as opposed to what happens in the US, United Kingdom and France) on the Apple Store, T-Mobile announces that it has increased its visits to its device tenfold compared to iPhone 3GS site.

The situation, which for us Italians not directly involved could simply be the confirmation that Cupertino has once again become the center, from a certain point of view it must be monitored carefully. If iPhone really has been so successful, it could, in fact, recreate the situation already experienced with iPad. Then a wave higher than the sales forecast forced the launch of the tablet outside the United States to be postponed for a month and with iPhone the fear of the same thing begins to happen. Could Apple move beyond the promised "late July" phone launch for the second wave of countries including Italy?