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iPhone 4 arrives a day earlier?

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iPhone 4 arrives a day earlier? –

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iPhone 4 could reach American customers a day earlier. To say it are not some sites informed, as in recent days, by their readers who interpret the data dictated by the shippers, but Apple itself in an email sent in the past few hours. "Dear customer – reads the message reported by some American sites – this email to confirm that the delivery of your iPhone – will take place on June 23. Even if Apple and Federal Express tracking indicate a later date, you can check in the morning of 23 to track the delivery to your front door "

Apple, in practice, officially announces that the first iPhones will be delivered 24 hours ahead of schedule and that, therefore, the documents distributed by the couriers that signaled the arrival for the 23rd were not the result of an error and that there will be no stop artificial, as happened instead for iPad, so as to prevent an early delivery. The reason why Apple has decided to give free rein to shipments that are already in progress without postponing it to the official iPhone launch date, unclear, but some sites speculate that this is due to the willingness to lighten the load on AT&T servers that could end up under load if all the huge amount of phones shipped tried to connect for enablement all on the same day.

At the moment it seems that only those who have ordered online will receive the phone in advance. Authorized dealers and the Apple Stores themselves will only have iPhones available on day 24.

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