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iPhone 3G in Switzerland: two versions and three colors?

The official announcement of an agreement between Apple and Swisscom for the marketing of the new iPhone in Switzerland dates back to a few hours ago but rumors are already going crazy and add to those of the past few days. The latest and potentially (if verified) are those that appear on the Macprime website, a German web page that citing a message appeared on the forum provides not only the prices for the Swiss market but also the specifications of the alleged iPhone 3G.

According to "dakis" the phone will be available in 16 GB versions, in silver color, and 32 GB in a choice of silver, black and white colors. The first would be sold at the price of 659 Swiss francs, equal to about 400 euros, while the second at the price of 799 francs, approximately 490 euros: for both the price referred to a 2-year contract with the start of deliveries on 20 June. Phones of different colors, therefore, and according to the colors also of different capacities.

Being a post from an Internet forum, the reliability of the information reported is doubtful. In any case, the person who signs up to dakis goes even deeper into the details, claiming that monthly passes, called Swisscom Libert, start at 40 Swiss francs, equal to about 24 euros. The plan, while providing for a low starting price, would not offer any flat formula for voice, data and video calls. For each of these operations, a precise price is reported in the post referring to minutes or hours of conversation / video call or in MB for the data.

It cannot be excluded that the post contains only personal speculations deduced from the already existing Swisscom tariff plans and that the alleged details on the new iPhone models, the result of evaluations put together by reading various websites. With these rumors about the imminent launch of the iPhone, quiet and reserved Switzerland joins the international chorus of rumors, assumptions or real leaks of news (but this will be demonstrated only at the time of launch) which constitute an impressive accompanying chorus in these days of waiting