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iPhone 3G, in Italy "by August"

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iPhone 3G, in Italy "by August" logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple plans to market the iPhone 3G in Italy by the August holiday period. The news was published by the authoritative New York Times who claims to have had the information from a person in charge but who wishes to remain anonymous.

According to the prestigious newspaper, the reason why Apple and the Italian phone operators intend to launch iPhone before August in the fact that it is a rich season; during the summer holidays telephone traffic increases and one is more likely to have new cell phones. Among other things, the iPhone could also be a good tool for browsing the Internet on the move, another of the wishes of Italians, and not only. The iPhone 3G should in fact be available not only in Italy but also in several other European markets.

The NY Times is unable to give information on the exact launch date (Apple Europe, in the person of its manager for the PR did not want to specify more than what was learned from the official press releases of Vodafone and Tim), but likely that "before August ”could mean in the last days of June. According to most observers, the launch of the iPhone should take place at WWDC, the world developer conference, or on June 9, with availability coinciding with firmware 2.0 and the final release of the SDK. Apple has set the availability of both firmware 2.0 and the SDK in "late June", a couple of weeks after WWDC itself.

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