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iPhone 3G in France delays

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iPhone 3G in France delays logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone 3G in France is lagging behind. In fact, Orange has made it known in the past few hours that contrary to what will happen in all the main countries of the continent, the new model will not be sold starting from 11 July, but only from 17 July.

The reason was not clearly specified. The only indications, at the time of writing, are those reported by a specialized French site to which a spokesman mentions unspecified 'logistical reasons' determined by a widespread sales network. The transalpine sites for hypothesize that the choice to postpone the launch of the iPhone is determined by the coincidence with the feast of July 14, taken of the Bastille, which falling on Monday, would have led to inattention on a launch implemented the previous Friday. For another Orange would have been unable to offer the iPhone on July 15, Tuesday, for logistical reasons, given that with the middle of the bridge it would have been almost impossible to adequately supply the entire network.

The postponement of the iPhone launch date to July 17 also suggests that Apple could deliver the iPhones only a few days before the actual launch in the shops, giving very little time to organize the whole preparation of the sale. Otherwise, if everything had been ready as early as Wednesday 9 or Thursday 11, Orange could perhaps have risked a launch shortly after, on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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