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iPhone 3G arrives in June: Banc of America says so

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iPhone 3G arrives in June: Banc of America says it logomacitynet1200wide 1

Scott Craig, analyst at Banc of America (Bank of America investment consulting firm) confirms how much rumors and word of mouth from the Network have been communicating since the early hours of today: “Our latest checks on channels indicate a significant production of iPhone 3G in the June".

So this time from authoritative sources and which should have solid sources, there is a new confirmation of rumors in circulation for some time, according to which the third generation phone should arrive on the market more or less coinciding with the launch of firmware 2.0.

But there is more. The Banc of America analyst estimates iPhone production in May for 3 million (needed to supply channels in June), and production for the months from July to September in another 8 million. This forecast is even higher than Gartner's forecast, which Macity has dealt with in recent days.

Finally, we note that Craig of Banc of America had estimated total iPhone sales for 2008 equal to 8 million, therefore a good 2 million less than the target indicated by Cupertino. Recent orders for iPhone 3G have made previous scenarios obsolete and impose a decidedly upward revision favorable for Apple.

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