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iPhone, 20 more countries on August 22

iPhone, 20 more countries on August 22 logomacitynet1200wide 1

The next big iPhone launch is set for August 22nd. On that date the phone will be made available in 20 other countries. The plan was announced by Oppenheimer, responsible for Apple's financial operations.

Apple has not disclosed which countries iPhone will be launched in late next month, but there are many countries on the list. Some of these are European (and the iPhone is likely to arrive in these), others are South American. it is possible that Cupertino aims at very populous nations, such as Brazil and Turkey, or others where perhaps the population is not very high, but where there is a strong penetration of cellular telephony, such as Argentina and Greece and, perhaps, to some large Arab nation such as Egypt , states that would allow it to reach (and beat, as usual) the forecast of 10 million iPhones sold by the end of the year.

Currently the countries where iPhone available are 22; with the addition of 20 other nations, 42 countries will be reached, but Cupertino's goal of having iPhones on the market in seventy countries by the end of 2008.

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