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iPhone 12 Pro Max, here it is in the new renderings: reduced notch and flat edges Rumor

iPhone 12 Pro Max, here it is in the new renderings: reduced notch and flat edges Rumor

iPhone 12 Pro Max it really could to be so, at least "70%". The latest renderings made by Max Weinbach of Xda Developers, on which EverythingApplePro based the detailed video that we bring you below, show us a device that it should be very close to the final one, "Blue Navy" color included. And that should meet the wishes of most of the users, with a notch finally give her smaller dimensions, and a general design that approaches the stretched "tile" of the iPhone 5, with flat edges instead of curved.

In particular, Weinbach reports how to be reliable are the device size he was born in display, while the appearance of the photographic module, consisting of four sensors (with the anticipated addition of the LiDAR one introduced by the latest iPad Pro), it was deliberately altered as a precautionary measure (to therefore protect yourself from any Apple lawsuits). More precisely: the layout with the four sensor circles enclosed in a square element with rounded corners correct, while the space between the various elements has been edited. The circumference of the lenses, however, should actually be wider than that of the previous model, just as we see it in these images.

Let's start with the information that should be more secure: iPhone 12 Pro Max, according to the CAD from which the renders were obtained, it should have a large screen from 6.7 inches, and be thinner of its predecessor 11 Pro Max: 7.39 mm thick against 8.10. The photographic module will therefore be a little more prominent, with a thickness of 1.26mm instead of 1.21.

Let's talk about the iPhone 12 Pro Max, because the dimensions are attributable only to larger model of the four that Apple plans to launch this year (not to mention the new – or old? – iPhone SE, presented a few days ago): however it is easy to imagine that at the design level we will find the same solutions on the iPhone 12 Pro instead (while we expect some difference on the two iPhone 12).

Ever since Apple unveiled the first iPhone X, the controversy on the notch they never went out: two generations later the notch is still there, unchanged. An element justified by the sophisticated technology it hosts and, if we want, also distinctive, but which is also intrusive. Over the years we have seen dozens of solutions less bulky than that proposed by Apple, and even in Cupertino they seem to have convinced themselves that the time has come: the notch it's there to stay, as does Face ID, but will be smaller.

The hypothesisat the moment I am two. There before talk about one decidedly scaled notch, slightly wider than that seen on OnePlus 6. The second instead it describes a less significant change: the notch it should be shorter, but keep it same "thickness".

Another aesthetic novelty anticipated by many rumors, from the first of the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to the very recent ones of Jon Prosser, also confirmed by Bloomberg, is the return of flat edges, in iPhone 4 and 5 style frames around the display, which will remain symmetrical but, also as an effect of the design no longer "rounded", will result less thick.

An unclear element instead we find it on the right side of the device, and it is what looks like a Magnetic Connector (in the video of EverythingApplePro, by mistake, it is called "Smart Connector", which is instead composed of three circular pins), the one that allows you to recharge the Apple Pencil on iPad. Any applications are unclear: the only hypothesis that comes to us while it could be compatibility with Apple Pencil (perhaps a new, more compact version), a function that had been the subject of rumors already in 2019, without finding confirmation.

Finally, the color "Blue Navy" that you admired in the renderings should arrive on the market, probably replacing the current "Midnight Green" (which had been highly appreciated, but it is a way to visually distinguish the new model from the old one). With regard to i colors, the information also covers the "base" iPhone 12, and not just the Pro models. Apparently Apple is considering three new options: a very light blue, one sort of violet, it's a soft orange. Of these, only two will come then introduced, and it is not yet clear if and where Cupertino's choice fell.

In short, a nice batch of information: what is the aspect that most intrigues you about the next iPhones? Are you already dreaming of the flat edges and the new "Blue Navy" color, or are you disappointed? Would a OnePlus 6-style notch satisfy you, or were you hoping for other solutions?