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iPhone 12 Pro image reveals triple lens camera and LiDAR scanner

iPhone 12 Pro image reveals triple lens camera and LiDAR scanner

New rumors and a new image during this weekend showcases what appears to be theiPhone 12 Pro, but with an arrangement of the revised photographic sector on the back. Just like the iPad Pro 2020, the pictures show a for the first time new LiDAR scanner. The image comes from the Concepts iPhone account, which claims to have obtained the photo from the iOS 14 code, which had previously leaked details about upcoming Apple products. Apple is expected to formalize the new iPhone 12 range in the fall, although some reports indicate that updates may be delayed due to economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

iPhone 12 pro

iPhone 12 Pro: triple lens camera and LiDAR scanner

In the image we see it could be the arrangement of cameras for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, including wide angle, ultra wide angle and telephoto lens with the addition of the LiDAR scanner from the iPad Pro 2020. This image provides more information on how Apple would reorganize the photographic sector to adapt to the presence of the scanner. For example, it seems that the flash sensor can move to the center to make more room for the new feature.

If everything goes as expected, Apple should introduce it four new iPhones in autumn. The Cupertino house is believed to be preparing a new 5.4-inch iPhone, two 6.1-inch models and a new 6.7-inch iPhone for this year. All new iPhones would be equipped with OLED displays and would support 5G connectivity. The two mhigh-end odelli they would be characterized by the configuration of the triple lens camera + LiDAR scanner, as shown in this image. On the iPhone, it is LiDAR scanner will likely offer features similar to what we saw on iPad Pro. It includes enhanced augmented reality features.

Source 9to5Mac