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iPhone 12: new rumors about the possible delayed debut, but always by 2020

iPhone 12: new rumors about the possible delayed debut, but always by 2020

The launch of the next generation iPhone will happen without a doubt by 2020however, rumors of a possible delay with respect to the classic September date are multiplying.

For years we have been used to denials for this kind of rumor (although in the case of iPhone X and iPhone XR they proved to be exact), but the current crisis situation has changed the cards of the entire market and reversed the situation: we will be surprised if Apple manages to show up on time at the September appointment with all 4 expected models ready to launch in the following weeks.

According to a new report from the The Wall Street Journalin fact, it seems that the whole mass production phase of the next iPhone 12 will undergo a delay of at least 2 months and that Apple has reduced by 20% the number of iPhones it intends to produce (or rather, to produce) during the second half of 2020.

It is not clear whether the slowdown in the production chain can somehow be curbed giving higher priority to some variants than others, in order to arrive in September with a fair number of stocks of at least 2 of the 4 models provided. In any case, it is now clear that even in 2020 we will see launch times different from the usual ones.

Recall that this year we should find 2 models belonging to the iPhone 12 family, which they will join as many iPhone 12 Pro. The more expensive versions will be distinguished by the presence of a most cameras (including LiDAR sensor) and a renewed design, while all 4 smartphones will be equipped with panels OLED, sanctioning the end of the new top of the LCD range.