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iPad, the tablet for the rest of them

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Internet-in-feet the definition coined a few years by Prof. Francesco Carl, computer journalist once and now deus ex machina of a site dedicated to online finance, a definition that is well suited to all those who use a smartphone such as iPhone to navigate and get informed even when I'm not in front of a desk or a computer.


But never as in recent months has the Internet made its entrance into the living rooms of the most technological users peeking from the browsers of the most advanced consoles and also appearing in the widgets of the most recent televisions, not to mention the PC or Mac in the home theather version. All this for, precisely because limited to the most “digitized” consumers has not yet given birth to a new generation of “internet-in-armchair” users which has a huge growth and expansion margin as it concerns ever wider population groups .

But who are those of "internet in an armchair"? Steve Jobs gave a direct example directly to the presentation of the iPad: mature gentlemen over fifty years old used to leafing through the newspaper in the morning or in the evening after work, who turn the pages without the worry of frantically shaking a prosthesis on the computer or maybe retirees like the Carl Fredricksen of UP (shown with affection during the presentation) who would willingly venture to discover the new digital worlds or in search of memories and contacts of the past.

A group of users who do not attend the forums with discussions on multitasking and assisted GPS or the presence of Flash but who would like to have a simple tool, with a natural interface, with the possibility of enlarging on the fly parts that interest and which attracted by an iPhone or iPod and also by a netbook but intimidated by the small size or the complexity of the operations to be performed in the most convoluted operating systems.

There is a generation of people that we called "them" in the title of this note because it distances us (for a short time) the age and the technological preparation, who perhaps have a Wi-fi connection available inside the home and family and they feel excluded from the flood of news and insights that only the Internet today able to give above all in the face of the monochromatic flatness of television information that leaves little room for reflection, for the elaboration of independent judgments that can now be found only on reachable channels through the web.

For this generation iPad an excellent opportunity to break free from the digital divide that exists not only for geographical areas but also for age groups and for the predisposition to use gadgets designed especially for young people, a digital divide that discriminates even within of a narrower circle between those who can have free or regimented information tools or between those who spend time communicating with the outside through social networks and those who are passive media users who foresee the flow in one direction. For all "their" iPads, a new and accessible tool to know worlds that until yesterday could have seemed unattainable.