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iPad, the first gallery with all the images of how it is made

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A few hours after the launch of the iPad, the first official "vivisection" arrives. To practice it the specialist of the sector iFixIt. We are talking about the vivisection official because an unofficial arrived yesterday, before the device's debut thanks to some images published on the FCC website, the telecommunications federal commission that also deals with approving all the products that have radio transmitters.

The operation performed by iFixIt is much more punctual and precise than that of the FCC because it is aimed explicitly at showing how the iPad is made and not just at showing some key components. There is no lack of news in this regard; ranging from the confirmation of the obsessive constructive care applied by Apple, with very small screws and parts printed to the tenth of a millimeter to the appearance, for the first time in Apple's recent history, of a brand on the motherboard printed by AT&S.

One of the elements to pay attention to is the processor bearing the initials K4X2, letters and numbers that refer to Samsung which, at this point, could be the company that builds the processor. This does not mean that even the one that engineered it, given that Apple has emphasized since the iPad's debut that A4 is its own processor, but certainly the Korean company may have played a non-marginal part in the realization going beyond mere material manufacture; remember that yesterday there are rumors of a purchase by Apple of Intrinsity, a company that has worked with Samsung to create Hummingbird, a chip that looks a lot like in some specifications to A4.

The rest of the images show the rear part exposed, with the antenna cables (which "catch" the signal from the plastic apple on the back), the display and the battery (two cells) which together make up almost the entire weight of the iPad.