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iPad, the computer that is part of us

In line to buy iPad

The most exciting moment was the ignition. Then it was understood that the iPad really is something completely different and unpublished. Something never seen before. Since synchronization with the Mac has made it possible to load applications already downloaded from the iPhone in a few minutes, the life of these unprecedented, surprising and at times spectacular devices has begun.

What's so special about the iPad? What is so different and unpublished? Millions of people were enchanted by this device even before seeing it: some immediately loved it, others deeply hated it, practically no one remained neutral in front of the iPad. In short, no one without an opinion on the matter. And strange, to think about it. Because in reality it is only in these hours that the iPad is really being discovered, and much in truth will remain to be discovered even in the months to come, as the various applications will appear.

So what can we say more than what has already been said? In fact, in the hours following the start of the distribution of the device in the USA, comments, reviews, tests and analysis of the device have taken place in the newspapers, on television and on the network. Everything has been said, often repeating some key concepts. And what the surprising, unpublished and to some extent revolutionary iPad. The surprise for us Macity reporters here in New York began outside the Fifth Avenue Apple Store where perhaps the most important event organized in all corners of America for the iPad launch took place.

We listened to the pulse of the square, scrutinized the mood of the crowd, interviewed the travelers of the five continents who met for this particular and spectacular moment, in his little historian, in front of the Apple crystal cube. Unforgettable the clerks who welcomed us, we crowd patiently aligned from the early hours of the morning, through a forest of thunderous applause. An indescribable moment, a unique and unforgettable personal shopping experience. We then concentrated all our energies to immerse ourselves completely (and as quickly as possible) in iPad. To discover the secrets, reveal their weaknesses, look for their strengths and reveal all this to our readers. That is you.

What did we find then. Well, certainly a couple of more general considerations: who compares iPad to a "grown" iPod touch, evidently does not know what he is talking about. It would be like saying that tennis is ping pong on a larger field. And again: the difficulties and imperfections of iPad are there, but to judge them it is necessary to get in touch with the purposes of this object, which are unedited compared to what we are used to. You don't have to do what a smartphone does. It doesn't have to do what a laptop or netbook does.

Instead, iPad tackles themes and explores unprecedented functions, possibilities and ways of use. the computer that disappears. That is hiding. Which becomes natural, immediate, by exposing the content directly to the user's eye and hand. iPad a leap in faith, touch to believe. invisible and only in this way can it be absolutely tangible. The absolute, ingenious, poetic, lightning and alienating experience of surfing the web or Google maps. The web, the network and the contents will never be the same again, after you have immersed yourself and plunged into this sea of ??bright, throbbing, unstoppable silver.

What is the limit of iPad? What is its effective scope? an object to consume or to produce content? a machine to increase the capacity of our intellect or to crush them under a mountain of proprietary applications, no longer a controllable interface and with DRM everywhere? friend or enemy of open source? the panacea to all evils or the fruit of the capitalist demon that will definitively crush the last vestiges of freedom of cyber-life on the Internet, making us all gadgets?

Macity's editorial staff, temporarily detached in this sprawling and difficult to grasp city but where the blood of the world flows niciically, and therefore probably also the right place to grasp all that the world can change, is trying to analyze in a very iPad skills are pragmatic. The philosophical debate in this moment out of place; instead, you need to touch, experiment, get wet: understand what the work of researchers and engineers of Cupertino has managed to do in reality. But one thing is certain: in these hours many of the alleged limits of the iPad are melting like snow in the sun.

For example: the myth of the keyboard, unsuitable or insufficient for those who write regularly. Not so, both in portrait mode and especially in panoramic mode. It could not be otherwise, given that to prove it, your reporter challenged and beat the conventions by writing this article, certainly not a few dozen jokes as an email can be, using Pages on his new iPad.

The experiment? Slower than with a physical keyboard, but only at the beginning: then the mind returns to fly and the fingers run on the screen, linking the new proportions and distances to be respected to the muscle memory. The experience is partly different, but the result is always excellent.

So don't let bad tongues or dogmatics make you suffer their ideas: try, touch with your hand, experiment. Bathe. We, here in New York, a few hours after the purchase, are already wondering how we have done so far without the iPad. And not an exaggeration. Tomorrow, listen to those who have tried it, you will do the same.