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iPad: Rupert Murdoch's textbooks and blessing are on the way

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iPad: textbooks and the blessing of Rupert Murdoch are coming – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The world of paper and books has begun the great maneuvers to prepare for landing on iPad, all this just a few days after Jobs' presentation. The latest news from across the ocean reports a great turmoil in the textbook sector and the publishers who mainly deal with school books: all the major US houses are preparing to create digital editions ready to work on iPad. Among the prominent names reported by The Wall Street Journal we mention Houghton Mifflin Harcourt K-12, Pearson Education, and Kaplan: all these have turned to the company ScrollMotion, which has already created ebooks for iPhone / touch, to convert their works into iPad format.

It is interesting to note that McGraw Hill is also participating in the race to convert from paper to digital, which was triggered by the announcement of the iPad. The detail reported by the US financial newspaper dismantles the hypothesis made by some observers who had feared the exclusion of McGraw Hill wanted by Steve Jobs in person due to the advances on iPad released by the CEO a few hours before the keynote.

And a McGraw Hill executive who offers one of the best descriptions of what iPad is causing even before being available on store shelves: "For 25 years, there has been talk of the impact that technology can have on education. It looks like it will happen in 2010 ".

Another major iPad promotion comes from information tycoon Ruptert Murdoch. During a conference call, Murdoch clearly expressed his concern about the pricing policies established by Amazon for digital books on the Kindle, in detail, criticizing the choice to keep prices at $ 9.99. On the same occasion Murdoch specified that "In the agreement with Apple, the details of which have not yet been disclosed, it allows us to apply a slightly higher variety of prices". Murdoch's voice must be listened carefully as the Australian tycoon not only controls an empire founded on TV and cinema, but also the publisher of prestigious newspapers such as The Times, The Sund, The Wall Street Journal and, by supernumerary, owner also of HarperCollins , a publishing house spread all over the world.

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