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iPad Pro, the proof

iPad Pro, the proof

The latest version of the tablet according to Apple the best made so far. And with the keyboard it can even replace a laptop

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Price: from 689 euros | Vote: 8.5 | More information: Apple

If you have an iPad, you probably have kept it at home lately to watch streaming movies, play games, and maybe browse elect, moving to a real computer for office class things. Apple, however, wants to tempt you to drop the laptop to use only the iPad Pro. Not the 12.9-inch one too bulky to carry around but the one with the usual 9.7-inch iPad format.

600 million PCs are over 5 years old

Tim Cook said during the presentation, and Apple anxious to tease their curiosity by offering a million dedicated applications. But because the iPad Pro can really compete with the computer you have to add 169 euros for the Smart Keyboard and another 109 euros for the Apple Pencil: in total they are 967 euros, and we're still talking about the basic version, or 32 GB of internal memory and connectivity Wi-Fi only. If you want more space, you need 1077/1187 euros for the 128/256 GB, while if you want to add the 3G module, you start from 1117 euros and get up to 1227/1337 for the larger versions. Not a little, but still slightly less than the Italian price of similar products, such as the Surface 4 Pro.

(Photo: Apple)(Photo: Apple)

The final replacement of the old PC? Let's see. The impact with the Smart Keyboard from the dramatic beginning: the space really reduced, and the keyboard is not complete; in addition, the keys have no run and do not offer the reaction we are used to, ending up looking more like a touch solution than a physical keyboard. The good news that it doesn't need to be recharged, and that it has a really insignificant weight.

Apple Pencil recognizes pressure and creates different strokes(Photo: Apple)

Unlike the classic nibs we are used to, the Apple Pencil is not made for surfing, but only for drawing and taking notes. If you are not a cartoonist, there are very few situations where you really need it; but if you like to draw good care: drawing, not making doodles at random are money well spent: the friction of the tip against the screen almost nil, the sign very fluid, and the stroke has no delays of any kind. In short, a pleasure to use. Its 1024 pressure levels, however, make it an instrument not suitable for professional printing.

Another limitation are the apps: there are some dedicated to drawing, even in 3D, but not enough to create an ecosystem suitable for professionals. The situation is different if we consider only the most classic productivity apps: with every iPad Pro, in fact, Apple offers the possibility of activating a subscription to Office 365, and there is nothing more universally adopted than the Microsoft suite for those who need to write and compile spreadsheets.

On the subject of productivity, Apple has introduced the possibility of combining two apps on the same screen, but depending on which are the two screens to be displayed, the display is not always so wide as to allow you to really make the most of this feature: a step forward in any case at first, when the apps could only be opened one at a time. It is also possible to produce a small video in a corner while working, which is not bad.

(Photo: Apple)(Photo: Apple)

The screen is brighter than before, with 40% less reflections on the glass: a number I can't verify, but the feeling that you really see better than the last iPad Air and with the TrueTone function the colors are automatically calibrated based on the context in which you are. The battery is large enough for us a day of use, from morning to evening writing and browsing without stopping: with normal use, I happened to charge it once or at most twice a week, but it goes down quickly if you start some streaming.

In the offer of this iPad there is also an above-average camera: 12 megapixels and the possibility of shooting videos in 4K. Not really the functions that are associated with a work tool, but if you can combine business with pleasure … why not? although it is true that in any case I have never experienced a single situation in which I used the iPad to take a picture.

(Photo: Apple)

In general, however, the impression I had using the iPad Pro is that it is an emergency, makeshift solution, or the best one in extreme cases, such as while traveling or waiting for an appointment, your train or your plane. home, or office, instead, the iPad Pro simply too small perstar behind the amount of things to do that normally happen to me on any day.

You want? Yes, if you want a fast, powerful tablet that can offer excellent performance: it does everything the previous iPads did, it does it better and you enjoy it more. No, if you are looking for something to replace your laptop: perfect for occasional engagements, not for every day; in short: we are almost there, but not yet the right time.

Wiredfast and runs smoothly all the apps; perfect for traveling: suitable for small and crowded spaces, and you don't even need to remove it from the bag at the airport; the screen a beauty to behold; stereo sound a show if you use it to watch movies and TV series.

TiredPutting all the pieces together goes up the price; if you love multitasking, combining two apps on a (less than) 10 inch screen can be tiring to manage, if you don't lean on it somewhere, you can't use the keyboard.


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