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iPad: pre-orders slow down

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iPad: pre-orders slow down –

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About 500 thousand pieces the substantial number of iPad that estimates estimate Apple may have already placed by 3 April between orders generated on the Apple Store online and pre-orders for collection at the chain's stores. The estimate was developed by Danel Tello (the Deagol of which we have already had occasion to say), a well-known blogger-investor who in the past has shown his ability to interpret Apple's trends better and better than several analysts on Wall Street.

Tello's analyzes are obviously based on statistical estimates and calculations: for the operation, the help of volunteers was requested who, once the order or reservation for iPad was made, then communicated the details of the operation to the email box (Email protected). The number of orders for a day of normal Apple Store traffic was subtracted from the total of the registered orders, thus obtaining the total number of reservations for iPad. This procedure led to an estimate of 120 thousand iPads already booked yesterday. Now the information emails from the voluntary customers are decreasing and the Tello procedure is showing a significant slowdown.

From the 25,000 iPads ordered every hour, current estimates indicate pre-orders of 1,000 iPads per hour, a significantly lower number than the euphoric initial rush to purchase but still able to generate large volumes for Apple. According to Tello, by 3 April Cupertino may have already placed an approximate amount of 500,000 iPads between pre-orders and reservations.

Recall that the estimates developed show a ratio of 2 iPads to 1 in a Wi-Fi version only compared to that also equipped with 3G that will arrive later. On the other hand, the distribution of iPads is more homogeneous based on memory capacity, broadly divided equally for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB model.

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