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iPad Mini 2 against Kindle Fire Hdx 8.9

iPad Mini 2 against Kindle Fire Hdx 8.9

On the one hand the iPad Mini forte of a renewed display; on the other, the third-generation Kindle Fire, eager to dethrone the opponent thanks to a galactic display


When he decided to jump into the world of tablets with the small Kindle Fire, nobody believed that Amazon would have made the difference. Yet the tablet of Jeff Bezos managed to annoy Apple enough to give her a small size iPad a few months later. Fast forward to this fall: Kindle Fire Hdx 8.9 and the second iPad Mini mount top technology and are destined for a thunderous fight.

Those who tried the Apple device were amazed by the design, light weight and reduced thickness. The attention to the aesthetics of its products has always been a trademark of Apple, but Amazon with the Hdx 8.9 has not been less: the new Fire enjoys a care for details never seen in its predecessors and both tablets they are little more than rigid, solid sheets of silicon. The point is played on the razor's edge but goes to the Mini, which wins with his lines essential, the use of aluminum and its small size. The Fire leaves slightly more perplexed due to those sports car gleanings on the back.

Even the displays are difficult to judge: loyalty of colors, contrasts and maximum brightness are of first level in both contenders. But if there is an opponent able to raise the scepter to the Retina serial technology in the latest iPads, just the panel of the Amazon tablet. Let me be clear, distinguishing the pixels from one another practically impossible even on the new Mini display; there resolution of the Fire for touching extreme levels and perfect in particular for displaying books, internet pages and everything that has on-screen fonts.


There is a big, traditional difference between the two tablets: the operating system. iOs boasts a clean and captivating experience; the his store teems of app and enjoys an ecosystem of content that ranges from music to magazines. For Fire 3 the more complex subject: as in previous versions, the os cooked by the company of Jeff Bezos based on Android, but does not have the flexibility n the number of apps available (and perhaps not even the aesthetic appeal, despite the improvements). The decision to castrate the Google system for not entirely senseless, because it guarantees an experience more focused on the use of quality content and above all less complex. Each product, whether an app or an article of the exterminated catalog Amazon, within a couple of touches.

The rest of the two sheets of the specifications differ in a few details, which in theexperience daily they are little more than insignificant. Ok, the processors and on-board memory are different, but the operation of the Fire as well as of the unexceptionable Mini: whether it's games, or whether there are full hd videos or multiple tabs running in the browser. Even the cameras are not the same, but the Mpixel account leaves the time it finds: in both cases the shots are higher than the category average (and in any case not comparable with those of dedicated smartphones).

Apple and Amazon tablets are both excellent but are aimed at slices of public slightly different. Kindle Fire Hdx 8.9 a tablet dedicated to users hungry for content to consult and consume, willing to find themselves in front of an authentic digital showcase. The second generation iPad Mini is not as comfortable as a full size tablet, but more versatile, benefiting from this point of view from a tradition of accessories and apps that make it usable also for productivity. The price reflects this slight deviation, which for almost 100 euros becomes if you consider the versions with 64 GB of memory. Matter of tastes in essence, but the game is more open than ever.



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