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iPad: it won't be just a giant iPod touch

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It will certainly not be the presumed half million iPad delivered to customers (only the US ones) on the first day of its release to indicate the short and medium term success probabilities of the latest Steve Jobs jewel: these are figures that refer to a huge niche of confident users of the brand, thirsty for novelty or to be the first to possess an object that makes technological status. The real success of iPad stems from applications.

Who of our readers uses iPhone as well as to make phone calls and to chat and play wonders what could be the usefulness of an additional touch device with a larger screen, larger footprint and few possibilities to go and attack the convenience of use and the power of a computer like a simple white MacBook. The iPad demonstration made by Steve Jobs for many has reinforced this doubt rather than dispel it: after all, demonstrating the existence of an office suite "derived" from iWorks gave the idea of a "reduction" of functions more than an expansion of possibilities and thus the idea of ​​making iPhone "compatible" applications run in an equal or doubled window.

In reality, the real difference for iPad will be made by the applications that come from the iPhone: those that have enormous capacity and potential but are restricted by a portable and pocket screen but still reduced to a few inches of diagonal. Of the examples we could make several but five will suffice and it is not the basic applications that Apple demonstrates in its introductory videos put online in the last hours.

– iPad as a large graphics tablet with direct tracking control: you can draw directly or transmit your gestures to iPhoto, Photoshop and openings with a comfort that the almost 10-inch surface will make unsurpassed.Ipad as a comfortable and changeable control surface for create and control music: imagine that you have an infinite possibility of combining controllers, sliiders and even instrument emulations, all activated with gestures and with different contemporary actions.– iPad as a very versatile DJ desk: with mixing desks, rotary controllers doubles to manage scratching and speed … – iPad as a surface of action games and strategy to play together: checkers, chess, hockey, subbuteo, any board game, pinball …

The examples that we have brought to you frame iPad not only as a replacement for the large-screen iPhone, or as a convenient access door to services that you have at home but also as an excellent work and leisure "companion" to use anywhere.

All this when it comes true? Will we have to wait for programmers to fully discover the potential of the new big screen? Actually it has already happened: in the week in which we began to transcribe our opinion, the previews of some applications that put into practice what we have written above have already been presented and many other software will arrive very soon that can change the way we have evaluated until today iPad as a tool halfway between real needs and marketing needs.