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iPad in stores starting March 26?

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iPad in stores starting March 26? –

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The most likely date for the launch of the iPad on March 26th. Here is the latest indiscretion launched by The Examiner which cites sources close to the world of Apple Stores and in particular an anonymous store manager, the main contact person who organizes the entire work in each of the Cupertino stores. The aforementioned 'insider' reported that at the moment the exact date for the start of the sale of the device would not yet be carved in stone, but that the most probable date today is March 26, the last Friday of the month.

The fact that the start of the sale of the device would have been set on a Friday and not to the traditional Tuesday typical of the announcements of new machines with the Apple brand, must not sound out of place. In the past, when it came to the debut of very important products, Apple chose Friday, a more suitable day to generate queues and enthusiasm in front of its stores. And that Apple points to this would say a second indiscretion; Apple would have made its retail stores available to distribute 'special gifts' to those who line up outside the stores.

The summits of Cupertino would also have set other approaches. On March 10, there would be a functional presentation of the device to Apple Store employees; on the same date, staff training would also begin to best prepare them for sale. Finally, on the 15th day, the start of the advertising campaign that would focus on eBook functions.

Recall that all that has just been reported for now to be considered valid only for the American market. Advertising spot and preparation of Apple Store employees aside, at the moment it is not at all certain that iPad will debut simultaneously in the US and in Europe; according to some sources, in fact, there would be production difficulties such as to limit their availability and force Apple to restrict the sale of the tablet to the US domestic market, at least in the first weeks.

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