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iPad, full production lines

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iPad, full production lines –

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The iPad production line has not stalled and above all the expected Apple tablet will arrive in the times and quantities programmed by Cupertino. This is the brief but significant message that emerges from the indiscretions collected between the satellite companies and the suppliers of the giant of the Foxconn production, the company that is dealing with the construction of the iPad.

The suppliers of components that feed the Foxconn production system obviously remain anonymous: in the items reported by DigiTimes we learn that the flow of components is proceeding according to forecasts and that consequently Foxconn should be able to deliver between 600 thousand and 700 thousand iPads for the month of March, then touching 1 million units for the month of April.

The new rumor comes a few days after the release of an alarmist report by Peter Misek to Canaccord Adams, in which the analyst warned about serious unspecified problems found on the tablet's production lines. Significant setbacks that would have substantially reduced the production quantity of the tablet and ultimately forcing Apple to limit the launch initially in the US alone, postponing availability in other markets by a month.

Apple has partially denied responding indirectly to rumors, reiterating that iPad will arrive in late March as announced by Steve Jobs, without offering further data on quantities and launch markets.

Last night, the latest rumor about a launch for March 26, although no one can say whether the availability is expected for all countries in the world or only for the United States.

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