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iPad: find out together with Macitynet

The launch of iPad was the most important Apple event since the presentation of the iPhone, a very special moment that Macitynet followed live with two of his journalists who flew to the United States both to live up close and bring back the emotions of the launch to our readers, both to try iPad preview trying to give immediately some answers to the many questions that everyone is asking themselves on the tablet that has stirred customers and competitors.

The first information on the iPad arrived already on Friday evening, before the actual launch of the device. Apple about 24 hours after the presentation made the application available for the purchase and reading of books; the program was just one of the many iPad programs that appeared on the App Store and Apple was just one of the companies that took care to present their plans for the tablet ahead of time. Filemaker, for example, has announced the iPad version of Bento, while Google has demonstrated Gmail with the typical iPad interface in HTML5 version.

The "tastiest" preview took place during Friday evening when a document appeared detailing the interior of the iPad on the FCC website. The PDFs were masked but it did not take much to eliminate the false black bars and see how it was done inside the tablet 12 hours in advance of the launch so that some specialists were able to do an analysis of the components even before the tablet was on the market.

In the meantime, our reporters arrived in New York and during the Big Apple night they went to have a look at the shop on Fifth Avenue where some brave people were already waiting for the opening of sales.

The next morning, while Apple announced the arrival of the iPad, Macitynet published the first article and the first video "live" from the store on Fifth Avenue. The quiet wait initially turned gradually on when the shop assistants began to check bookings, an event documented by a video followed by a gallery with several images taken just before the opening.

Finally at nine o'clock the doors of the Apple store opened for the now hundreds of people waiting, a moment of technological emotion, also witnessed with a video. Our iPad was recovered about half an hour after the start of sales. Once the coveted object of desire (which for us was also a work and information tool) was put into the stock market, we immediately rushed to the hotel to make one of the first films in the world to unpack the product for sale, an operation carried out in 100 seconds, probably the 100 seconds that most of our readers have dreamed of the most over the past few weeks. A photo gallery of the content with high resolution images could not be missing either.

While iFixIt opened iPad, Macitynet published a complete gallery of the iPad interface in Italian with all the details of the preferences and also some images of the book reading application; a video showed the iPad in action with maps, Safari, application launch. We dedicated a second video to the video store, iTunes Store and iBook Store and a third to the expected iWork for iPad.

In the evening one of the key events we had was with a direct realization of dozens of questions and answers between our readers and Antonio Dini who with Daniele Piccinelli one of our correspondents in the USA. The event, which had many thousands of people as readers, still available for consultation and contains several interesting unpublished fragments on the functioning of the iPad and can satisfy different curiosities.

The convulsive and very rich day ended with a more thoughtful and less technical article on iPad, on what it represents, on what can be done and how it can enter our life. An opinion article and as such questionable (perhaps on our Forum in the iPad section) but which can help everyone to make a point, representing an element of debate and reflection.

Easter Sunday was no less full of articles, films and galleries. We presented an application for reading Marvel comics, taken a first look at iWork for iPad (accompanying the article with a gallery made up of several images), we tried to explain how iPad works as a handyman who loves games as a platform for iPad as a digital book reader. All this while the first estimates were beginning to arrive from the United States on the number of iPads sold which could be well above the forecasts and deny the skepticism of those who, perhaps not having in mind the system with which the tablet was marketed, made the spectrum flash of a flop.

Over the next few hours and then also in the next few days, Macitynet, the site that first tried iPad in Italy on the day of the announcement, will continue to churn out articles, services and information about the device that is causing so much noise in the world of technology giving the possibility to its readers to form an idea on its functioning in advance of the Italian launch which will take place later this month. Continue, therefore, to follow us as numerous as you did in these two very intense but also very important days for the Apple world and also for our site which has made a very significant effort that we hope has been appreciated by readers.