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iPad, delivery times go up

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iPad, delivery times go up –

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Times are shorter for those who order the iPad on the online store. From this night the Italian store reports the date of June 7th as the one established not for delivery (as it was May 28th) but for shipping.

There is no doubt that the jump of ten days due to two converging factors: the reduced availability of the product and the large number of orders. The same mechanism was also triggered in the US on the occasion of the iPad pre-order; after a few days with delivery on April 3, we had moved on to later times.

Recall that Apple had to postpone the launch in Europe emphasizing the demand greater than the actual capacity of the factories that build iPad. According to some observers, this is due to the low quantity of some key components such as the display.

It should be emphasized that, in any case, those who ordered iPad in the past few days should see the delivery times respected. The postponement of the shipping date only affects new orders.

Thanks for reporting this to Stefano Maine

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