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iPad, building the 16 GB model costs $ 259.60

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The 16 GB iPad has a material cost of some points higher than 50%. An analysis, always rather interesting, of the value of the device components was completed in the past few hours by iSuppli, a specialist in the field of component research.

According to iSuppli, precisely, the 16 GB iPad for Apple costs $ 259.60 in chips, motherboard, aluminum shell, construction and screen. The highest cost part would be the screen built ad hoc and based on technologies and materials of LG, Samsung and Epson with the contribution of Wintek who create the glass layer that perceives the touch of the fingers. A very sophisticated product that alone would cost $ 95.

The second most expensive component is the chip that according to iSuppli materially manufactured by Samsung but engineered by Apple (and probably, says the research company, from the former PASemi team). Here the price of $ 26.80. Finally, speaking of fixed costs for each model of iPad, $ 10.50 goes to the aluminum back which helps to give the tablet its characteristic appearance. To these parts are added the flash memories that have different prices depending on the models because they have a different cut. The 16 GB one costs 29.50, the 32 GB 59 one, the 64 118 $ one, as if to say that Apple earns slightly more even as the customer chooses a higher capacity model, even if the minimum margin (between 3 and 4%).

Overall, iPad costs more than iSuppli originally estimated at the time of the announcement; then a cost of $ 219.35 had been drawn up. In particular, the chips would have sent the estimates out of measure, for example the processor would have a price of $ 9.80 higher than the $ 17 evaluated before having collected information by holding the device in the hands. But other secondary chips such as Broadcom's for Wifi and Bluetooth ($ 8.05) or Texas Instruments for the touch screen (3.70) would also cost more than iSuppli had estimated in the preliminary phase.

Among the interesting details highlighted by iSuppli there is the percentage of cost in materials dedicated to the interface, screen and all the chips that manage the touch control system: 40%.

Recall that the cost of $ 259.60 reported by iSuppli only that of the materials and construction of the iPad. Research and development, marketing and shipping are excluded, as well as a whole series of other intangible costs that cannot be precisely assessed.

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