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iPad as a digital book reader, first impression

The function of iPad as a system for reading digital books has not perhaps had the evidence it deserved, especially in Italy. But there is a significant number of potential users interested in this function even if and in our country it could only debut later when the electronic book store will hopefully arrive here too. this audience, made up partly of customers of Amazon and its Kindle, partly of the various eBooks readers on the market today also in Italy, who asks the key questions about iPad in its support interpretation for iBooks, questions that are basically few and also very simple how does reading on iPad work? better or worse than dedicated readers?


We have asked ourselves the same questions and we have tested the tablet in light of them arriving to give us some answers that are perhaps not definitive pending a thorough test, but that can certainly begin to rough the contours of the Apple device in light of its use as a system for accessing digital books

So you read well on iPad? The answer yes, the LCD does not tire the eyesight as some claim, unless you use it incorrectly or for more than a certain number of hours in a row (but at that point the problem is also with the paper) .

Better iBook Store or Kindle? Both are excellent for iPad. That of Apple has a couple of extra cards from the point of view of use, such as the not inconsiderable detail, in landscape mode, of showing two pages side by side. The fundamental thing for reading a simulacrum of a book. Elegant, excellent animations, you can "calibrate" the best pages, fonts, bookmarks and everything else. For its part, the ready application of Amazon, Kindle for iPad, which allows you to synchronize (as on iPhone, Mac and PC) all the books already purchased is also excellent. The brightness is set separately in both applications, that of Apple more "multimedia" (and through iTunes it imports its own ePub documents), that of Kindle has the largest library.

The reader is missing a reader such as Stanza, available for iPhone and already capable, however, even in compatibility mode, of synchronizing files with the Mac or PC. Or a refined program such as the paid mini-library of the McSweeney publisher in San Francisco, with David Eggers as patron. But let's not hide behind a finger, the problem another.

In fact, what really lacks the certainty that, Kindle or iBook store, Italian publishers will arrive with books in Italian. Amazon with its Kindle became a niche product after the release of the iPad. If you read traveling more than 50 books a year, and besides, you don't give a damn, it is worth taking the Kindle. Otherwise, if only to watch a movie or two photos, iPad is unbeatable. But if there are no books in Italian, then the problem does not even arise … Italian publishers, where are you? This is the real question, which we cannot answer yet.