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iPad: April 3 also available in Best Buy stores

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iPad: April 3 also available in Best Buy stores –

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In the United States, iPad fever grows exponentially as the days that separate users and enthusiasts from the launch are reduced. Rumors and news follow one another as regards content, functions and now also for the sales channels: on April 3 iPad can be purchased in the Best Buy stores inside which there is a section dedicated to Apple products. This is the "store-within a store" formula, that is, a small but well-stocked Apple store within over 600 Best Buy stores on a total of 1,000 locations.

Although these are rumors from anonymous sources, the presence of iPad at Apple corners in Best Buy is reported almost simultaneously by both MacRumors and 9to5Mac. Finally, remember that even an email received from a user signed by Steve Jobs would confirm the presence of iPad in Best Buy stores.

The indiscretions report the start of the preparations within the Best Buy stores as regards the preparation and information provided to the staff who will handle the sale, as well as waiting for the exhibition material. Here a curiosity emerges: although the iPad models initially available are 3, in essence the only Wi-Fi version of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, it seems that the display material includes 4 devices. It is possible that on the day of the launch, the iPad demonstration areas could host the 3 models immediately available and also a demo unit of the Wi-Fi plus 3G version which will be marketed in late April.

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