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IPad application store, first images

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ipad startup

The startup screen of the iPad application store

First glimpses of the iPad Store on the Internet. To reveal, in part, the interface of the store that will take care of presenting the applications for the tablet status, a site specializing in applications for Apple's mobile devices followed a short distance by App Annie, a site that deals with data statistics and traffic analysis on iPhone applications.

The news compared to the store for iPhone and iPod touch are remarkable and depend both on the particular type of content and hardware. First, the store interface takes advantage of the larger display size with a longer page length. In some pages the upper part is implemented the coverflow mode for consulting the applications; in the lower part there are, depending on the choice of the section (new and noteworthy or more requested, for example) the real applications with icons. The search for an application will produce a double list, one with iPad applications and one with iPhone and iPod touch applications. The list of best sellers and genres has also been restructured, with larger icons and a different alignment that presents only two applications on one line.

Other elements worthy of note are the prices, which as easily foreseeable, for the applications already available and visible, are on average higher (even if there are 99-cent applications, the 79 euro cents of the European store) and the fact that they will be distinguished between native and universal applications, therefore able to run on both iPhone and iPod touch and iPad.

Over the past few hours, in addition to a part of the interface of the iPad store, some iPad applications with native interface have also appeared. the case, for example of Bento for iPad, Yahoo, Brushes, Twitterrific, Fieldrunners, Real racing and several Omni applications. Recall that previously the only application interface for iPad officially known, apart from the very few shown during the keynote during which iPad was presented, was that of iWork, a site that deals with it.

It should be noted that the interface discovered by the sites we have just mentioned may be not definitive, but a temporary version destined to be refined. The launch of iPad will take place on April 3 and Cupertino certainly does not have time to revolutionize what we can see on this same page, but it certainly has plenty of time to refine and significantly modify the presentation system of its iPad store. .