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iPad and the mystery of the missing Apple applications

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At the time of the launch on April 3 in the United States, each iPad will integrate 12 new apps as standard, in the inventory there are 5 other apps missing on the iPhone and touch. The mystery of the missing apps is animating the speculations and also the rumors of the Apple watchers: the topic is interesting especially because it is software made by Cupertino.

The gap between the iPad and the iPhone and touch apps was already visible on the day of the presentation in San Francisco: on the iPad screens shown to the public after the Steve Jobs keynote, the number of apps was obviously less than the page iPhone main. In any case, the absence of 5 apps was made official by Apple itself with the release announcement in the USA. The text specifies that iPad will offer 12 new programs, these are Videos, iPods, Maps, Photos, Mail, Safari, App Store, iTunes, YouTube, Contacts, Calendar and Notes. All these apps have been revised and corrected by Apple to work on the larger iPad screen. The appeal therefore lacks the Bag, Calculator, Clock, Weather, and Voice Memos.

Wired speculates that Apple could provide iPad with a sort of Mac OS X-style dashboard in which these 5 apps will be integrated. The hypothesis starts not only from the greater computing power of iPad, but also from the fact that these Apps were originally widgets within the Mac dashboard. In any case, this is a somewhat forced hypothesis, especially bearing in mind that iPad works with a version of iPhone OS, in which dashboard is not expected.

The rumors and hypotheses put forward by the usually well-informed Daring Fireball are more reliable. According to rumors captured by John Gruber within Apple, the iPad versions of all the standard apps on the iPhone and touch have been circulating for months. While maintaining compatibility with multi-touch paperbacks, the appearance and use of iPhone apps on iPad is good but not perfect, giving the user a strange feeling. Anonymous sources claim that this small detail was enough to push Steve Jobs to reject the apps in question.

Based on the information in his possession, Gruber claims that Cupertino is working on a suitably revised and corrected version of the 5 missing apps on the iPad, programs that will probably be made available for free via the App Store later in time, perhaps simultaneously with the release of the iPhone. OS 4.0 this summer.