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iPad and Steve Jobs are the cover story of Time

iPad and Steve Jobs are the cover story of Time –

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Steve Jobs and iPad: cover story of the new issue of Time

Time dedicates the cover and the most important article of the new issue on newsstands to the launch of iPad. On the cover we find the profound gaze of a slightly skinny but smiling and fit Steve Jobs, inside the magazine a penetrating article written by Stephen Fry multifaceted artist, active as a writer and famous to the general public also as an actor. He is the protagonist of V for Vendetta and he plays the Cat in Tim Burton's latest Alice in Wonderland.

Fry visited Cupertino Campus and had a chat with some of the top Apple executives, including Schiller, Cue and even Ive, who was finally admitted to Steve Jobs for about an hour. Fry's article is interesting from several points of view. Although he is a fan of Fry technology, he is not a technical journalist, so able to grasp the effect that iPad can establish with the user, without limiting himself only to technical details. After the first mostly positive and flattering reviews by specialized journalists, the article in Time manages to better explain the iPad effect.

Immediately from the first moments of use, iPad can create a unique user experience, an emotional bond between the object and the user, which is difficult if not painful to interrupt. Fry very good at describing the moment of separation of the iPad, taken over by Cupertino staff. Finally, Fry's article is one of the few available where you can read a live meeting of Jobs with Jobs. Fry admits that he is more excited and nervous than an interview with Jobs than dozens of other meetings and interviews with prime ministers, super famous artists and so on. A short interview but, once again, here too the real Jobs emerges: a man who does not see his story as a career but as a series of events and facts that relate him and things done and vice versa. A life dedicated to products and technologies, mostly branded Apple. For those who chew English, Fry's article for Time is a highly recommended reading, starting from this link. Recall that in the American edition of Time also an article by Grossman dedicated to the launch of the Apple tablet.

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