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iPad Air, the proof

iPad Air, the proof

More subtle, lighter, more powerful: that's all there is to know about the new tablet from Apple

Price: from 479 euros. Vote: 9More information: Apple

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If you already have the iPhone 5s in your pocket, you can't unlock it the new iPad Air with a digital impression you will seem strange and suddenly old. What to look for, instead, a new form of the tablet. First, it is smaller than the old iPads: the new measurements say that it is slightly shorter and much narrower (240 × 169.5 against 241.2 × 185.7 millimeters), as well as thinner (7.5 millimeters against 9.4) and much lighter (469 grams the Wi-Fi version versus 652 of the old model). In hand, the difference is more noticeable than the card makes sense, both in terms of weight and bulk, the iPad Air it seems immediately more manageable. The shape of the edges also changes, no longer angular, but rounded like the Mini iPad.

On aesthetics a matter of taste, but personally I prefer these forms to the old ones: I have always liked the lower diagonal displays more finding in the 8 inches the right size but the restyling makes me appreciate the size of the iPad much more than before. Consistent with the new definition Air introduced by Apple in 2008 to highlight the lightness and subtlety of a new MacBook, the latest iPad declares a 28% reduction in weight and 20% in thickness, for a total volume less than the old model by 24%. All with the same screen, a 9.7 IPS LCD with Retina resolution 2048 × 1536: 3.1 million pixels, 264 per inch able to overcome the naked eye comparison with Galaxy Note 10.1 lOLED (299 ppi) and compare with the LCD of the Nexus 10 (300 ppi) and the LIPS of the Kindle Fire HDx 8.9 (339 ppi). Net, the improvement over the iPad 2, the other model still on sale (only the 16GB version at 379 euros the Wi-Fi version and 499 for the 3G + Wi-Fi, 100 euros less than the new Air), which has a resolution 1024 × 768 from just 132 ppi a pittance, today. It should be noted that precisely because of the size the parallax effect of iOS 7 on the iPad is much more pronounced compared to the iPhone the weak of stomach are warned.

Inside the tablet, the dual-core 64-bit 1.4GHz A7 processor with 1GB of RAM and the M7 motion co-processor presented with the latest iPhone make their debut. the A7's performance is slightly better, with 100MHz of speed in pi. Precisely for this reason, Air manages to guarantee better results than the iPhone 5s, in addition to doubling those of the iPad 4 (Geekbench test).

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Even the most complex games like Infinity Blade II, Asphalt 7: Heat is NFL Pro 2014 are as fluid as if a video were playing, while 3D prototyping programs are managed with the ease of a simple image: for the test I used AutoCAD 360, the first app optimized for the new generation of iPad, Air and Mini Retina that also support OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics libraries. Even seemingly simple operations like creating 100-page Photobooks with iPhoto and Trailer with iMovie (both free, but not pre-installed on new devices) are carried out without difficulty or hitches.

They improve consumption, which is good, but the capacity of the battery decreases, now from 8820 mAH, narrow in the small size of Air's aluminum body by the way, the colors also change, now Silver is Gray Sidereal instead Black is White: you would expect a little step forward in the autonomy compared to the iPad 4 and instead a strange draw comes out. We still talk about ten hours, in line with the average of the Ultrabooks that are in circulation. But keep in mind that the numbers here can vary based on many factors: the amount of streaming video and the brightness of the screen are the factors that consume the most. If with a use of the tablet almost exclusively dedicated to the Internet and some apps the autonomy still increases, if you prefer to consume films and TV series in quantity it could instead also last less than the average.

No new features for the camera, the same iSight lens with 5 Mpixel BSI sensor, f / 2.4 aperture and automatic stabilizer capable of shooting video in Full HD at 1920 × 1080 at 30 frames per second and taking about 3 images per second in Burst Mode a significantly lower quantity than that of the iPhone 5s, unlike which multiple shots are not aggregated and do not even support the mode Slow motion n the Panorama. The digital zoom reaches 3x. Improves the recording of the audio: in the upper part of the Air, on the back, a second microphone was introduced, useful for shooting videos, but not for video calls or recordings made with the front camera – improved here: 1.2 Mpixel, optimized for FaceTime HD and with face detection, capable of shooting in HD at 720p at 30 fps; the wider sensor and the greater number of pixels also improve the yield in less than optimal light conditions.

Good, the quality of hands-free audio: Apple has finally added stereo speakers, although the effect is not particularly noticeable, especially when watching videos, since you find both speakers on the same side of the tablet.

On the connectivity front, the iPad Air increases the number of LTE bands now to 15, the greatest number of compatibility offered by a single device so far and doubles the Wi-Fi receptivity, thanks to the two antennas inserted on the sides of the body that can double the download speed up to 300 Mbps. Bluetooth 4.0 confirmed. As always, the only connector to the lighting, through which to connect any accessories to import content from an SD card or USB stick. Everything else is done wirelessly, via iCloud or other cloud storage services.

You want? Yes, if for you the tablet is the perfect platform to play. No, if you like to use the iPad especially for consuming movies and series and you already have a fourth-generation iPad.

Wired: Smaller and lighter: more manageable to carry around; with the A7 processor you play better than on a portable console; the renewed design that incorporates the forms of the Mini

Tired: The TouchID is missing; memory is expensive; the camera still lacks the flash (and a few megapixels, come on); goodbye old covers: with the new body touches change everything


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