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iOS, automatic screen orientation thanks to …

By Giacomo Martiradonna Friday April 3, 2020

An ingenious Apple patent reveals that in the future, iPhones and iPads could correct the orientation of the screen by themselves based on information that comes from Face ID. Here's how it all works.

Sooner or later, everyone will. Just lie down on the sofa to find yourself with iPhone and iPad that turn the contents of the screen unwittingly, forcing us to activate the blessed Rotation Lock. In the future, however, it will no longer be necessary: ​​the device itself will be a orient the contents of the display based on Face ID data.

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iPhone 12 Pro: Face ID 2, new colors and more RAM

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A recent patent published by Apple reveals the desire to make future iPhones and iPads even smarter. To date, the orientation – vertical or horizontal – of the iOS interface is adjusted based on data from accelerometers and other sensors; however this system is not free from defects, and sometimes little or too reactive, forcing users to resort to Lock Screen Rotation. A nuisance that in the future could be spared us by new technology.

In practice, using the Face ID, the devices will be able to determine the position of the face and adjust the orientation of the display accordingly. A godsend when reading in bed or lying on the grass. And who knows, this novelty does not land on iOS already with the second generation of Face ID coming with iPhone 12.