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IOS app of the day: Tunable free on the App Store for a short time

IOS app of the day: AniMate Maker free on the App Store for a short time


Tunablegratis for today on the App Store for iOS.

Here we are, as always, at a new appointment with our address book for apps on sale. It is in fact apps or games on offer free for iOS, iPhone and iPad. For a few hours, therefore, you can download free apps or games otherwise paid. Today we offer you a free offerTunable, which has the following characteristics:

Tunable is a chromatic tuner, tone / chord generator, metronome, and recorder that helps you learn to play steadily, in tune, and on beat. Featuring a unique tuning history display for visualizing pitch over time, Tunable is the perfect toolkit for beginning to professional musicians.

Learn to play in tune with sustained pitch history As notes are held out, a white line draws how steady the pitch is. The straighter the line, the more consistent the pitch.

Improve your ear with tone and chord generator Use the tone and chord generator to play and sustain chords with various tone options. Choose from different temperaments to hear how they appear.

Keep tempo with an accurate and simple metronome View subdivision and current beat, with a large display and visual flash.

Record and share Record your practice and performances. Add reverb for a professional sound. Share recordings through email, SoundCloud, Dropbox and more.


Large, colorful tuning indicator clearly shows when in tune (green fills the screen) Clear, visual tuner with note, octave, cents (+ -), and frequency (hz) display Tuning history to see how well youre sustaining notes over time Especially suited for wind instruments and strings with note detection from Tuba to Piccolo (24hz to 15khz +) Horizontal and vertical tuning displaysAdjustable A = 440 reference toneChange between equal, just, pythagorean, and 18 other tuning temperaments

Tone and Chord Generator Chromatic Tone Generator with multiple tone options and sustain Play and sustain chords Auto Octave rounding for easy note access

Metronome Large number display with visual flash to see the downbeat, subdivision, and pulse Adjust tempo, beats per measure, and subdivision See tempo markings to quickly jump between standard tempos Tempo Tap (tap metronome center to set a tempo) Continues to play when screen is locked or in the background

RecordRecord and save unlimited recordingsShare recordings through e-mail, SoundCloud, DropBox, and more

OtherHighly accurate and responsiveTranspose notes to any instrumentAppleTV / AirPlay mirroring to an HDMI projector or TV on iPad2, iPhone4S, iPhone5Background Audio enables the metronome to continue playing when the screen is locked or closed.Dark and light themes

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