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IOS app of the day: Data thresholds free on the App Store for a short time

IOS app of the day: AniMate Maker free on the App Store for a short time


IOS App of the Day: Datigratis Thresholds on the App Store for iOS

Here we are, as always, at a new appointment with our address book for apps on sale. In fact, these are apps or games that are offered for free for iOS, iPhone and iPad. For a few hours, therefore, you can download free apps or games otherwise paid. Today we offer you a free offerData thresholds, which has the following characteristics:

Today no telephone operator offers a completely unlimited data plan. For this reason, the fear of many users is to exceed their daily, weekly or monthly threshold, thus incurring additional charges or a drastic reduction in browsing speed. Data thresholds the most convenient and immediate means to avoid this danger!

Universal Data Threshold works with all operators as it retrieves information directly from the device, not from the telephone operator portal. It supports daily, weekly, monthly and bimonthly plans.

Quick Set up your plan and start the application to immediately know your cellular and Wifi data consumption. Compatible with 3G and LTE networks.

Functional No connection required. The program can also be used when you are not connected to the network as it does not need to call up any information from the internet. In this way you will also save the traffic that would be necessary to obtain this information from the operator portal (a few megabytes).

Updated The portals of telephone operators are not updated in real time. Data thresholds, taking advantage of the traffic info generated by the device, always precise and punctual.

And you will also have available … Background monitor to record data traffic even in the background Continuous monitoring with immediate signals for 10 minutes from application closure Wifi download speed indicator Traffic register used day by day Maximum security, no VPN and no proxy Clean and immediate graphics , optimized for all iPhone and iPad models

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