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IOS app of the day: Brainsquare free on the App Store for a short time

IOS app of the day: AniMate Maker free on the App Store for a short time


Brainsquaregratis on the App Store for iOS for a short time.

Here we are, as always, at a new appointment with our address book for apps on sale. It is in fact apps or games on offer free for iOS, iPhone and iPad. For a few hours, therefore, you can download free apps or games otherwise paid. Today we offer you a free offerBrainsquare, which has the following characteristics:

The game is hard, really !! If you don't like hard games, you've been warned. Even after catching the mechanics it will be a hard stuff to finish all the levels … If it doesn't fit you, please take a look at Origin, it's free and easier.

"Brainsquare is set to test your gray matter … Those with a penchant to test their mental wits will likely delight at the challenge held within Brainsquare."

"It is an awesome brain game full of crazy physics …"

Brainsquare is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Link all pins of the same colors with their corresponding tiles to solve each board.

Combine logic and intuition to beat the levels and achieve mastery.

Challenge yourself and try to win a gold medal by solving the puzzle in a short number of moves and share-it on Facebook.

Content– Nice mecanics and gameplay– Growing difficulty and smooth progression– More than 200 challenging and intriguing levels– Original forms and combinations– More than 10 different colors combination possible for the most challenging levels– Relaxing music (or put the music that best fit your taste)

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