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IOS app of the day: BoomKLAKers free on the App Store for a short time

IOS app of the day: AniMate Maker free on the App Store for a short time


BoomKLAKersgratis on the App Store for iOS for a short time.

Here we are, as always, at a new appointment with our address book for apps on sale. It is in fact apps or games on offer free for iOS, iPhone and iPad. For a few hours, therefore, you can download free apps or games otherwise paid. Today we offer you a free offerBoomKLAKers, which has the following characteristics:

Inspired by street dance, martial arts and circus stunts, this app animated by monsters that dance and do somersaults. Music is one of the most engaging in a children's app, with 13 original songs written by the beatboxer and musician Teddy Guilbaud. Monsters live in their special worlds: the seven-eyed monster in the stereo land, while the blue dinosaur guarding the blue crane.

BoomKLAKers explains to children how to FEEL the RHYTHM by associating musical rhythms with movement. It is one of the basic principles for understanding music and dance. Babies are born with this innate ability. If they learn to feel the rhythm, they can dance forever. a skill that they will not forget throughout their lives.

Features: * Children can see the ACTION / REACTION mechanism in real time * With their touches they create the sequences for the dancing monsters * The animated monsters move to the rhythm of the music * Created by the choreographer / dancer Rosa Mei * Accompanied by the splendid soundtracks by the sound artist Teddy Guilbaud * Inspired by hip hop, martial arts and circus stunts * Animated monsters move to the rhythm of music * Jumping to the rhythm of music makes children happy * NO purchase in app or advertising of third parties

BoomKLAKers was conceived by Rosa Mei (concept, animation, drawing) and Teddy Guilbaud (music, audio effects). Rosa and Teddy have collaborated for over 10 years in Cie 13, an experimental dance group based in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Funky Bots team We are dancers, rhythm creators, musicians, martial artists and circus acrobats. But we are also parents and we want children all over the world to learn about and love movements and music, not only as imitators but also as creators, to one day become wild dancers and creators of passionate rhythms … some of the most bright and happy in the world.

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