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IOS 8 wallpapers and backgrounds

IOS 8 wallpapers and backgrounds


Here are all the Wallpapers of the iPhone 6 and the new iOS 8 GM ready for download. Free download iOS 8 wallpapers and backgrounds

iOS 8: here are the Wallpapers ready to download

Yesterday Apple released iOS 8 GM with many new wallpapers that we saw on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus during the presentation.

Today we offer you the possibility to download them all in a fast, free, simple and immediate way.

All the wallpapers of iOS 8, the operating system of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, can be downloaded free of charge both from your computer and from your iOS device.

For all impatient users or simply for those who do not own an iPhone and want a taste of iOS 8 even on their Android / Windows Phone device, the official wallpapers and backgrounds extracted from the GM (final) version of iOS 8 have been published online, released during the presentation of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

As you can easily see, Apple, for iOS 8, has decided to bring some changes also in the wallpapers and backgrounds, which are completely different from those present in iOS 7. The new wallpapers of iOS 8 are more related to the ringing that surrounds us and to the space, unlike those of iOS 7 which were more colorful and "youthful".

The backgrounds extracted from iOS 8 are available for download in high resolution on DropBox: just access the link below to view them all and choose whether to download the complete package or the singles that typiacciono more. Happy downloading!

Download Wallpaper iOS 8

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