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IOS 8 news

IOS 8 news


Here are the new features on Apple iOS 8 for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Apple lists all the news of iOS 8.

Starting yesterday evening, finally iOS 8 among us. Apple's new operating system for iPhone, iPod and iPad has been released and millions of users around the world have already downloaded and installed it on their Apple devices.

As we know, and above all as we have seen together in the many articles dedicated to iOS 8, this new operating system brings with it a myriad of news and new features for all Apple devices. Many users, however, still do not know what the main novelties of this operating system are.

That's why I decided to offer you, in a single article, the list of all the news and the main features that Apple has introduced with iOS 8. If you have not yet installed iOS 8 because you don't know what the news are and what changes from iOS 8 to iOS 7, this article will come back to you very useful, because it allows you to understand on the fly what are the advantages of iOS 8 compared to other Apple operating systems.

Take a look at the list below to find out all the new features of iOS 8 and the new features of iOS 8.

IOS 8 news

1) Notifications

now you can interact with the notifications as soon as they appear on the screen.When you receive a message just scroll down on the notification to reply, without having to leave the app you were using. And the same thing works with notifications from all other system apps. Android has had this feature for some time now.

2) Messages (iMessage)

Group messaging with iMessage has been improved, with the ability to add and remove people more easily, launch a group conversation or put on "do not disturb". With iOS 8 you can send voice messages and videos directly from the iMessage app and share your location for a certain length of time. Same thing that WhatsApp has been doing for some time now.

3) New predictive keyboard

Apple has added a new predictive typing system that suggests the next words you might want to write. Same function as Android has for years. This function allows you to write messages and emails in an extremely faster and more precise way.

4) Other keyboards

You can install a different keyboard than the default one, as has been happening for years on Android.If you install a new keyboard, it must be configured in Settings -> General -> Keyboards.

5) Recent contacts

When you double-tap the home button, you will be able to access your favorites and recent contacts so that you can send them a message, call them or view the contact card. Helpful.

6) Gestures for mail and mail

The Mail app now supports quick gestures with your finger to be able to mark, delete, mark as read or archive a message quickly. Same thing that GMail has long offered on Android. In practice now just swipe left on an email to open a menu and swipe right to mark it as read. You can also scroll down on a new message to hide it temporarily.

7) Spotlight improvements (research)

From Spotlight it is now possible to search online for information on Wikipedia, iTunes movies, applications, music and more.

8) Widget in the notification center

The notification center now supports widgets (something similar to what we have on Android). In practice, each app installed from the store can add a widget to the Notification Center to see, for example, sports results without opening the related app. However useful.

9) Safari extensions

The Safari browser now supports extensions: for example, you can install the extension to automatically translate a web page. Comfortable.

10) Sharing with family members

ConiOS8 can set up a "family" to share all the photos, music, videos and other information with the people included (maximum six). To configure it, go to Settings -> iCloud -> Family. Very convenient function.

11) iCloud

Photos are now better integrated with iCloud, so all changes are synchronized between the various devices. In practice, now all the photos stored in iCloud from an iPhone can be found on the computer and iPad. Comfortable.

12) The Photos app

The application for viewing photos has been improved with new ways to edit photos and search for them. You can also hide photos so that you do not see the iPhone. Helpful.

13) New Health app

In iOS 8 you can use the Health app to store all the information on your physical state. A similar thing will also arrive shortly on Android.

14) Touch ID in any app

The Touch ID now available from any application to protect it with a fingerprint. It was also time, wasn't it?

15) Siri

Voice assistant Siri can now be activated by saying "Hey, Siri" aloud. Same thing that Android has been offering for some time. Other formulas have also been added to control the iPhone, iPod and iPad by voice.

16) Integration with the Mac

If you have a Mac with OSX Yosemite operating system, iOS 8 can now synchronize messages between Mac and iPhone (including SMS), send web pages from the Mac to the phone or vice versa and much more that will be discovered once OSX Yosemite has been released. On Android you can use the Pushbullet app, which does exactly the same thing.

17) App Notes

The Notes app now supports videos and animated GIFs. Comfortable.

18) Battery statistics

You can now find out which applications are consuming the most battery charge by going to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage. On Android, this feature has been around for years.

19) Find my iPhone when the battery is running low

Now you can configure the "Find my iPhone" function to register the last place where the phone is located when the battery is running out. This way you can trace and find the lost, lost or stolen iPhone more easily.

In short, these were the main news and features introduced by iOS 8 on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Surely they are important news, long awaited by users, but that on Android were already present for some time now in most cases.

However, with iOS 8, Apple's operating system becomes even more complete, stable and performing. All users with an iPhone, iPod or iPad will be really happy to download and install this operating system.

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