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iOS 15, the minimalist concept that makes you dream

iOS 15, the minimalist concept that makes you dream

By Giacomo Martiradonna Thursday 14 May 2020

A designer imagined the functionality and possible appearance of iOS 15. The result is a riot of Apple-style minimalism.

Now that iOS 14 is not far away, designers already launch bold daring flights on the next version. We show you a beautiful iOS 15 concept created by rlndsgn which makes the proverbial minimalism of Cupertino the guiding spirit.

iOS 15, no new Emojis due to Coronavirus

iOS 15, no new Emojis due to Coronavirus

The new Emojis that should have debuted with iOS 15 have been postponed due to the Coronavirus. It will be discussed again in 6 months.

The idea of simplify the interface and purging it of distracting elements to "keep users focused" on what they have to do with the device. And then the new Home Screen highlights time, date and weather to relegate the applications to second position, in rows of three, a bit like on Android.

Calls and Siri no longer occupy the entire screen, but appear as a normal notification at the top of the display; the icons of notifications in the Lock Screen, on the other hand, become small and non-invasive. But the real touch of genius lies in the battery and WiFi icons. Two small circles that, at a glance, return both the charge levels and the signal strength.

iOS 14 coming soon

In our opinion, some of these novelties -type all that useless space given at the time on top of the display- will never be seen on iPhone and iPad; other little things to appear quite interesting. Indeed, if we were to do the Cassandre, we would venture that Siri and non-invasive calls could already arrive with the preliminary version of iOS 14 that will be presented at the end of next month.

In fact, in a few weeks WWDC 2020 will take place, the usual one Apple developer conference which this year, due to Coronavirus, is held in completely virtual mode. This will be the curtain in which Tim Cook and his team will present Contact Tracing technology, Widgets on the Home, the List view on the Home and all the other news of the next version of iOS.