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iOS 14 here's what widgets might look like on the home screen

iOS 14 Springkit

Rumors circulating thanks to the well-known 9to5Mac site claim that Apple is working to provide for the first time widgets updated in real time and customizable on the main screen of iPhone and iPad. Instead of locked widgets like on iPadOS 13, i new widgets on iOS 14 they can be moved, just like any app icon. The functionality, however, is still being implemented and could therefore be discarded by Apple.

iOS 14 Springkit

iOS 14: new concept for widgets

On this basis, Parker Ortolani has published pictures of a on Twitter concept of what the new home screen might look like. Parker called this his concept "SpringKitβ€œ: With this new mode, developers can create three different types of display of the main screen for their applications.

  • A classic fixed icon
  • A new live icon that can show data or buttons
  • A full-size widget

iOS 14 Springkit

For example, theWeather app integrated could provide a live icon slightly larger than a normal app icon that shows the external temperature and weather conditions in real time (sun, rain, snow …). L'Health app it could also offer a larger widget that lists the information of that day (steps taken, physical activity, calories burned….). These widgets in iOS 14 would be very different from the current widgets in iPadOS 13, which is why iOS 14 widgets can be customized according to needs of the user and they can move freely on the Home screen, just like app icons. These are not only the only features that Apple will introduce with the new operating system: the Dov 'app also seems to undergo several updates.

The new widgets function, however, in development phase for iOS 14, so it could still be discarded or modified by the Cupertino house. The addition of real and user-customizable widgets may appeal to many. And you, what do you think of this new Apple implementation?