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ION Tailgater: music transportable anywhere

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ION Tailgater: music transportable anywhere – logomacitynet1200wide 1

If you work full-time or in your spare time, ION Tailgater allows you to make and play music practically anywhere: it is a super-resistant monobloc audio system with integrated long-lasting batteries.The diffusion through two speakers (Woofer + Tweeter) offers a 16 WATT power with technologies to optimize bass reproduction. In addition to the dock to accommodate paperbacks, Apple offers an input for a quality microphone, included in the package, or to connect CD players, other MP3 players but also musical instruments such as guitar or keyboards. Tailgater allows you to play live on a backing track played by iPod.

The manufacturer declares an autonomy of 8 hours using the volume at 2/3 of the power, while at high volume the autonomy of 6 hours. The resistant chassis made of aluminum measures 31.75 × 23.8 × 35.5: a practical handle facilitates transport, while the weight of 9Kg. ION Tailgater available in Italy at ADL at a price of 189.90 euros including VAT: for more information, refer to this web page.

Below a video in English that illustrates its doors and features.

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