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IO, how the app for Public Administration services works

How the IO app works

I am the new application to access the Public Administration services created by PagoPA with the aim of simplifying bureaucracy

There new IO app been officially put online. But what and how does this application work? The goal is to offer Italian citizens lsimplified access to public administration services, directly from smartphone. It is a solution that aims to facilitate some operations for citizens, simplifying bureaucracy. For example, in the app, citizens can read all incoming communications, pay the fines, tributes is paper alerts with QR code, without having to move from one office to another.

What and how I work

How the IO app works

I a project of the Italian government, conceived and created by Digital Transformation Team and managed directly by PagoPA. The idea of ​​having a single channel through. any institution, both local and national, offers services to the citizen turned into an app that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

Thanks to IO, a citizen can access the common functions of the public services of all the entities of his interest integrated in the app. For example you can:

  • receive messages and communications
  • remember e manage their deadlines to the PA such as identity card, ZTL permit, calls for kindergarten registration and much more
  • receive payment notices with the possibility to pay Bollo Auto, TARI and not only directly from the app, in a few seconds
  • in the future it will be possible obtain certificates, notifications and public deeds to be kept directly on your smartphone
  • always in the future you may have available i personal documents in digital format such as tax code, driving license and health card

To carry out i tax payments, IO integrates PagoPA, the payment system that allows you to use various types of services including credit cards and in the short term both debit cards, PayPal and many other services. Using IO, in fact, each individual citizen can pay any paper notice issued in the PagoPA circuit by simply framing the QR code shown.

Furthermore, on the front of the dialogue between citizen and PA, IO allows you to set the messages to be received and how to receive them: by email, in the app or via push notifications.

How to access IO

IO public services app

To use IO, every citizen will have to register with the app using astrong digital identity, or through the SPID credentials or alternatively the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) combined with the PIN that the citizen receives at the time of issue. At a later time, however, you can access the app using the PIN chosen by the citizen or biometric recognition, such as face or fingerprint recognition. Biometric data will be stored only inside the device and will not be sent or saved on the app platform.

What will be the future of the IO app

Right now I in beta it contains a list of some municipalities that have already switched to the digitization of their services, including PagoPA as a payment system. In the coming months the IO development team will bring some news within the app and there will be room for the arrival of new municipalities and entities, so as to expand the audience of potential users involved.

IO's goal is to transform the digital Public Administration by bringing it into the smartphones of each Italian, simplifying the relationship between citizen and PA and also bureaucracy. Only time will tell if I will be able to achieve my goal or not.