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Intuem: MIDI authoring on Mac OS X

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Intuem, this is the name of the MIDI application for Mac OS X that allows less experienced users to obtain high-level results with an extremely simple and intuitive interface.

Intuem uses a single window to show the entire composition with the possibility of displaying each single track in three different ways: a very small "Micro" style to have a total view of the track, a view as a classical musical score and a view " Mega ”, that is a piano roll used mainly for editing.

Each track can have its own view and furthermore they can be combined in different tracks. MIDI CC parameters can be edited in a separate part located at the bottom of each track.

Intuem uses the Mac OS X Aqua interface to create transparent palettes that allow better management of the space on the monitor, and in addition the notes on the scores are displayed with a new font, which allows you to have high display speeds by exploiting the anti- aliasing of Quartz, the Mac OS X graphics engine.

Using Mac OS X Core MIDI, Intuem can use any Mac OS X compatible keyboard or MIDI sound module, as well as QuickTime Musical Instruments and DLS and SoundFont2 files.

Standard MIDI files (.mid) can be imported and exported and scores can be printed.

Intuem available for $ 129 USD from the Companion Engineering & Design online store.

(By Daniele Volpin)