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Introduction to the assembly for PPC: the voice of IBM

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IBM's commitment to the PowerPC consortium continues to remain concrete and tangible. In addition to the continuous development of the G3 hardware, on which the company has heavily invested and whose growth is ventilated up to operating frequencies of 900 MHz, Big Blue is also actively dedicated to the software sector.

With this in mind, Hollis Blanchard wrote an introduction to assembly programming on PowerPC processors. This guide starts with the description of the PowerPC architecture, used not only by Macintosh computers, but also by IBM's high-performance servers, the Nintendo Gamecube and widespread in industrial integrated systems for its characteristics of excellent performance, low energy consumption and dissipation Therefore, the writing is articulated on when and why one should prefer the way of assembly programming over the more traditional C, coming to present examples of code commented and exemplified in its components. the commands surround this interesting treatment.

Finally, a series of selected links to books, other articles, "howto", related websites conclude the work.