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Interstudio at SAIE 2001 presents Domus CAD 11 also for OS X

Mac Os X will be the master on all Macintosh and you will be able to see the first versions of programs made especially for the new operating system, including Domus.Cad 11, Nonio C and DigiCad 3D. The new major release of Domus. Cad will have a number of new features of which we give an incomplete list:

– Internal metric calculation, with measurement of the various types of quantities (inclined surface, footprint, volume, perimeter, length, number, content etc.), with totals divided by categories which can be updated at any time – Separate management of materials for the individual parts of the elements, three parts for the floors, 5 different parts for the walls, two parts for the windows and 4 parts for the stairs. – Generalization of the floor element and its redefinition through a series of parameters and options. It can be transformed into a polygon in space, in open or closed, with the various parts that can be visible and invisible. – Various new tools, among which we highlight the freehand curves and the bucket, for quick management of the fills. – Extension to all elements and to 3D of the concepts of coincident vertex transport and only axial deformation. – New additional module for the "Tubing", ie for the creation of solids and surfaces obtained by sliding a figure along a path. Automatic connection functions for selected and connected groups of lines, curves and polygons. – An advanced function of aligning elements and objects. – Numerous improvements to various existing functions, such as pagination, variable autoscoll, inclined rotations, wall fills, parametric selection, tracking constraints, door and window bundles, modification of roofs and floors, deformation of objects

For more information see the Domus.Cad page:

of the other news we will give you an account in the next few days.

We also point out two interesting initiatives in the field of education for the software in question: Interstudio increases its commitment in the education sector with two new offers regarding Domus.Cad, with the aim of facilitating the very low diffusion of 3D design among students.

Domus.Cad annual license Students, teachers and high schools, universities, post-graduate and post-graduate students will be able to purchase a Domus.Cad license for one year at a price of Lire 150,000 plus VAT At the end of each year, the license can be renewed, for a maximum of three times, always at the expense of 150,000 lire plus VAT. At the annual expiry or at the end of the three years, a complete package can be purchased with a 50% discount and this package can also be used at work for professional use. The package has documentation on CD and provides a type of assistance by e-mail or fax and downloading updates from the Internet.

Domus.Cad school A package of 10 Domus.Cads for Lire 1,900,000 over I.V.A. Each package beyond the tenth costs 190,000 over VAT, as long as it is purchased together with the other 10. This package has no time limitation. The packages are already available on the CadStore virtual store and at Interstudio partner retailers.