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Internet traffic on Smartphone, 50% starts from iPhone Os

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Apple continues to gain space in the use of mobile devices to access the Internet. Data confirming that the growth that began months ago, after a slowdown coinciding with the summer, is still very strong, comes from AdMob, a company (recently purchased by Google) that has the tools to measure traffic since the main reality at the world in the field of advertising on portable devices.

The research concerning the month of October highlights the achievement by iPhone Os of 50% of all Internet traffic on smartphones (35.5% of the globality of mobile devices), a milestone that had never previously touched. In some countries, such as the US (55%), Cupertino's phone easily crosses the threshold of half the requests; in the UK, Apple OS even manages 74% of requests for Internet services from smartphones.

Of the other smart mobile operating systems, nobody really wins. Only Android holds the positions, gaining 1% (11%) as Rim also does (-1% from 8 to 7%). Symbian loses quite clearly ground (from 29 to 25%) also for the constant absence from the American market, while it collapses going down from 5 to 3% Windows Mobile. It should be noted that Palm Os has 3% of the market, slightly less than half of the Rim data which for a global market, unlike Palm. A sign that Rim's customers use their devices less than customers of other platforms, including, indeed, those of Palm.

A consideration of general interest among those reported at the beginning of the PDF document to comment on the trends in the fact that the market is polarized around specific hardware manufacturers each with specific operating: Nokia with Symbian, Apple with iPhone Os and HTC with Android and Windows Mobile; there do not seem to be many advantages, therefore, from the almost agnostic approach of operating systems such as Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile that do not obtain an increase in market share simply because they are compatible with different brands.