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Internet Data Italy Audiweb: 60% of Italians are online

Internet Data Italy Audiweb

Internet Italia Audiweb data show an increase in the importance of mobile connections. The total digital audience in Italy reaches 33.3 million

Internet Italia Audiweb data show an increase in the importance of mobile connections, in the total digital audience of Italy in November 2017.

Internet Data Italy

THE Audiweb data they had already shown the importance of mobile Internet access during 2017, but now here is the photograph taken in November 2017 that concerns both PC access and those of smartphones and tablets.

Total digital Audience Italy

According to Audiweb data the total digital audience Italy in the month of November represented by 33.3 million unique monthly users who connected to the internet through the devices detected PCs, smartphones and tablets -, 60.6% of Italians aged 2 and over, online for a total of about 46 hours . The Italian Internet data show, on an average day, an online audience of 23.7 million unique users, with 11.6 million Italians who have browsed at least once from desktops and 19.6 million also or only from mobile (smartphone and / or tablet). In short, these are the new Audiweb Database data, the planning tape with Internet usage data (total digital audience) in Italy in November.

Internet Data Italy Audiweb

Internet Data Italy: Total Digital Audience Italy – Audiweb

Internet users Italy 2017

According to Audiweb Internet Italia data, regarding the demographic information of Italy online on the average day, they are online:

  • 43.2% of themen(11.9 million)
  • 43.1% of thewomen(11.8 million)

Internet data for Italy: categories

  • 61.7% of the18-24 year olds(2.6 million),
  • 60.1% of the24-34enni(4.1 million),
  • 59.4% of the35-54enni(10.8 million)
  • 38% of theover 55(5.6 million).

Internet Data Italy: geographical origin

From the data ongeographical originof online users, it appears that on the average day in this last month of survey the45.7%of the Italians dellNorth West area(6.4 million), the45.6% of theNorth East area(4.1 million), the42.4%of theCenter(4 million) and the40.7%ofSouth area and Islands(about 9 million).

Internet Data Italy

Internet Data Italy: User profiles online

Internet usage statistics in Italy

Based on Internet Italy data collected by Audiweb italy Most Italian adults spend more than 2 hours on daily navigation. In fact, we find young people from18 to 24 yearswith almost 2 and a half hours dedicated online on the average day, followed by25-34 year oldsonline for about 2 hours and 22 minutes and come on35-54ennionline for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Internet Data Italy

Internet Data Italy: time spent online

Audiweb Data: what Italians do online

Finally, come onInternet Italy data referring to the consumption of content available online, also in the month of November among the first 5 categories of sites and applications the internet usage statistics in Italy remain confirmed: the categorySearch, which reached 92.5% of online users in the month (30.8 million), the categoryGeneral Interest Portals & Communitiesof general portals, with 84.9% of users (28.3 million), of sites and applications dedicated toonline serviceswith 84.7% (28.2 million), of thesocial networkwith 83.3% of users (27.7 million) and sites dedicated to downloads, updates and information on software with 82.8% of users (27.6 million).

Internet Data Italy

Internet Data Italy: what Italians do online