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Intel, more and more WiFi

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The world of WiFi is counting on an increasingly strong and determined support from Intel.

The Santa Clara company, which has long made decisive steps towards the IEEE 802.11 standard, today should announce new investments in companies that deal with WiFi products.

STSN and TeleSym, these are the names of the two companies, will receive an injection of capital that will be used to develop new products for wireless communications compatible with the standard also used by Apple for its Airport.

STSN deals with the creation of high speed networks, with and without wires, for hotels and conference centers; Telesym produces software that allows voice communications over wireless networks over IP standards and dedicated to PCs and pocket devices

Intel, which is planning to release processors for laptops that integrate WiFi support at the chipset level, not long ago invested heavily in Cometa Networks, a company founded with the aim of creating WiFi networks in the American territory. Intel also plans to release processors specifically dedicated to communications via IEEE 802.11b

Intel previously announced that it plans to use $ 150 million in resources through its subsidiary (through Intel Capital) Communications Found to accelerate the spread of the WiFi standard. To benefit from the investments, new companies that deal with studying and producing new systems for wireless communications.