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Intel leaves Infiniband and bets on 3GIO

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Intel leaves Infiniband and bets on 3GIO – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Intel abandons Infiniband? The decision according to the official Santa Clara company but some information collected by Intel itself suggests that at the moment the attention of the processor giant for the new standard that should take the place of PCI, greatly increasing the bandwidth available for peripherals, is now vanished.

During some meetings with the press Intel has confirmed that it has decided to allocate elsewhere the funds initially arranged for the development of chips for Infiniband. According to Intel managers this does not mean a abandonment of the standard but in reality external observers believe that there there is now little chance of a step back from Intel that even, with sun, IBM and Microsoft, among the main protagonists of Infiniband. Some analysts claim that the impact of Intel's choice will be minimal. The company supported a low-speed version of Infiniband (1x) while other players in the sector point to 4x or even 12x versions.

Recall that the field of PCI heirs particularly crowded. In addition to Infiniband there is also 3GIO, promoted massively by Intel, and also Hypertransport (which has the support of AMD and which is watched with Interest by Apple). Not to mention PCI-x 2.0, an extension of the current PCI . All these standards, capable of increasing the bandwidth available in communications with I / O devices, are looking for a niche without competing with each other. Infiniband and 3GIO appear for those most on a collision course although, according to IBM, who remains one of the most ardent supporters of Infiniband, it could have a future in the interconnection of servers on the network and in clustered systems.

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