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Intel lacks budgetary forecasts

IT is still a difficult time, and Intel is also not hitting the profit forecast for the quarter.

The Santa Clara company has in fact posted a balance sheet of $ 686 million, 10 cents per share, considerably less than predicted by most analysts who thought of a budget of 13 cents per share.

According to Intel managers, the figure, certainly very uninspiring, was essentially caused by market demand which continues to remain very sluggish. The demonstration in the data concerning the turnover that was 6.5 billion dollars against 6.55 billion dollars in the same period last year. Intel thought it could go up to $ 6.9 million favored by the launch of a series of new processors (as many as 18) and by the recovery of demand.

Now the world's largest computer processor manufacturer sees no significant signs of progress during the current quarter. The increase in turnover could be in the order of 6.5%, well below the normalcy of the period which in the past has marked increases of around 20% favored by the Christmas gift season.

After the tax report, which took place on a closed market, Intel shares fell by two dollars, losing 13% of their value.