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Intel is starting school again

School started again, the demand for the purchase of computers in one of its peak moments. Only Christmas and then the arrival of the summer holidays (with report cards …) are able to do the same. While Apple has a clear and strongly oriented strategy also for school-age children, with products such as the iMac and above all the iBook (for American colleges), the world of PCs presents itself as much more varied in terms of offers and possible solutions. But if the various companies compete (obviously) with each other, it is worth knowing from the first manufacturer in the world of Cpu what are the strategies and requirements designed for young consumers.

First choose between portable and fixed, Intel suggests. For laptops, evaluate "size and weight" in addition to battery life and – logically – cost. In the PC market, it must be said, you can find everything. Even rip-offs, if you're not careful. Then, the specs. Intel explains with its educational flavor communication what Cpu, Ram memory, Hard Disk are used for, and indicates its maximum standard performance today: 2.8 Ghz Pentium 4 for fixed and 2.2 Pentium 4M Ghz for laptops. Minimum amount of Ram: 128 Mb, and a minimum 40 Gb hard disk for the fixed ones, against the minimum 10 Gb for the laptops. The company's advice is to buy the maximum in the chosen price range, to limit the effect of obsolescence (perhaps the son of the "Megaherz myth?).

In addition, something that in the Apple world known for years, Intel stresses the opportunity to buy laptops equipped with wireless cards: ?University teachers increasingly expect students to be equipped with PCs and many institutes have set up networks to provide l 'wireless Internet access at campus level and various e-learning programs'.

Finally, a suggestion we could say "indispensable" for young PC users (so they make us a habit growing up, unless after they do "Switch" …): verify that the school offers technical assistance. You never know, the PC could always give you some problems.