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Intel Core i9 processors, faster games and video editing

Intel Core i9

ntel presented its latest-generation Intel Core i9 processors, designed to improve games and activities for creating graphics-intensive content on laptops: video, VR, AR and video games.

At a recent event in Beijing, Intel introduced its processors Intel Core i9 of the latest generation, designed to improve the graphics-intensive games and content creation activities on laptops.

Features Intel Core i9 processors

Based on the Coffee Lake platform, the new Intel core i9 + chips promise to offer up to 41% more FPS (frames per second) in gameplay and allow 59% faster performance in video editing apps than the previous generation of chips that use the same graphics hardware.

The top offering of the new range is the i9-8950HK processor, which comes with six cores and 12 threads, the first for Intel's mobile chips, and reaches a clock speed of 4.8 GHz.

Intel Core i9

Intel Core i9 technology processors

In addition, the chips with the new Intel Core i5 +, i7 + and i9 + badges will support Intel's Optane memory technology, which allows you to use the cheap Optane RAM to accelerate traditional hard drives for faster boot times, avii apps, similar to the speed you can get when using an SSD instead of an HDD. The company launched the Optane memory last March and this seems to be the first big push to get people to adopt it.

Intel Core i9 PC processors

A lot of hardware brands have announced their new esa-core i7 laptops for 2018, including Samsung with its beautiful Odyssey Z. The new Asus ROG Zephyrus M receives the new chip along with a GTX 1070, a 144 Hz 1080p display; Gigabyte Aero 15 and 15X are equipped with thin display frames; Acer Nitro 5 presents a Core i7 + with Optane memory support, with a launch scheduled for May.

Intel Core i9 processors output

Intel did not specify when i9 will be available, but the new chip will probably be present in the next laptops by the end of the year. While Windows users who want longer battery life could turn to the new wave of ARM-based machines, i gamer and content creators working on video and VR pthey may want to wait to buy new machines until the processorIntel Core i9 will begin to appear on specific cards.

Intel Core i9